Taskuparkki’s camera recognition

Modified on Thu, 18 May 2023 at 02:09 PM

When you use camera recognition, parking starts automatically in Taskuparkki when you drive in and the camera recognises your license plate. When using the camera recognition function, you do not need to pay at a parking cashier station; instead, the parking fee, if any, is charged directly from the payment card you have added to the user account.

The camera recognition settings can be changed in Taskuparkki under My account by selecting your license plate.

To enable the camera recognition function, you need to add a payment card to the application. The payment card information is required because any parking fees will be charged automatically when parking ends. If your payment card information changes, add the payment card information to the user account. Re-enable camera recognition, if necessary. 

Enabling camera recognition for several user accounts with the same license plate

Camera recognition can be enabled for one user account at a time.

If the vehicle has several users, the user who is using the vehicle at the moment always has to enable camera recognition with their own user account before driving into a parking facility. 

When you enable camera recognition for a license plate with your user account, camera recognition will be disabled from the previous user of the same license plate. In this case, an email notification will be sent to the previous user, informing them of the disabling of camera recognition.

Require confirmation at the gate

When you enable the Require confirmation at the gate function, parking does not start automatically in gated parking facilities. After the recognition of the license plate when driving in, the start of parking must be accepted in Taskuparkki by selecting Park here

In gateless Aimo Park Easy facilities (Iso Omena, Niitty, Saari, Revontuli, Aitio Business Park, Kaari, Hertsi and Duo), this function cannot be used and parking starts automatically in Taskuparkki without separate confirmation.

Park and ride

When you drive into a park and ride area, you cannot use Taskuparkki. Before driving into a park and ride area, note that camera recognition must be fully disabled in Taskuparkki. You can disable camera recognition under My account by tapping your license plate. 

If you have entered a park and ride area and notice that parking has started in Taskuparkki, contact our customer service. We can end the started parking in Taskuparkki and you avoid paying twice for parking.

Season ticket and Taskuparkki

If you use a season ticket for a gated Taskuparkki facility, disable camera recognition before driving in to ensure that parking does not start in Taskuparkki and you can use your season ticket to park. 

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